Truths and myths about Merlin

Truth and myths about Merlin

Hello there! Today we are going to talk about the Truths and myths about Merlin! Merlin is one of the characters most enigmatic ever, and there are lots of stories about him. Check here everything about him! Also, check our previous articles about what should I wear to my magic show and what to do when a trick is discovered

Truth or myth of the Middle Ages, Merlin the Magician is perhaps the most enigmatic character who was present in the Chronicles of King Arthur, by Bernard Cornwell.find the Truths and myths about Merlin

According to some texts, Merlin was the son of a virtuous young man and an incubus (an ethereal spirit, with bad character, who attacked the innocent people at night).

But what are the Truths and myths about Merlin? Let’s see a little bit more about his story!

Find the Truths and myths about Merlin


According to John Matthews, Merlin, the famous wizard of Celtic legends and the Arthurian cycle, was indeed a warrior king who lived in northern England in the sixth century and defeated an army of Irish invaders.

Since the Middle Age that several curious and historians fascinated by Merlin figure are taken by several questions: Was he myth or reality? Was a hero or martyr?

To know what are Truths and myths about Merlin, let’s see what the legend tells us.

Merlin was the king’s adviser Arthur, who encouraged the resistance of the Celts to the Anglo-Saxon conquest between the fifth and sixth centuries, and whose adventures gave rise to the novels of the “Arthurian cycle.”Truth and myths about Merlin

The magician was the confessor of Arthur and also his father, Uther Pendragon, and advised Uther to found the Order of the Round Table, idealizing the famous sword Excalibur test, stuck on a rock to demonstrate the right to Arthur to the throne of Britain.

Now, let’s see the Truths and myths about Merlin! 

John Matthews, an expert in the Arthurian cycle, concluded that the wizard was a real historical figure and not fiction, as many think.

Merlin, or Myrddin, as he was called, was a leader of the “Picts”, a tribe that inhabited the lands of present Scotland.

According to Matthew, the magician, was an important tribal chief, who fought in the historic battle Ardery in the year 573, a bloody battle among people of Y Gogledd, or “old north” of Britain, and an Irish invading army.

Truth and myth about MerlinHe argues that this king or prince, Myrddin, participated in the battle and witnessed the death of members of his family, this scene that drove him mad and he went living alone in a forest.

Merlin has become a kind of hermit wizard who roamed the Celyddon forest on the border between Scotland and England and spoke with wildlife, wanderings mentioned by Celtic poetry.

Although this fact is not as attractive as have the great legends about Merlin and King Arthur, everything indicates that this is the true story of this mythical character. Did you like our article about the Truths and myths about Merlin? Follow our blog and see what else we have to tell you!

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