What to do when a trick is discovered

What to do when a trick is discovered tips

What to do when a trick is discovered? It’s a question that all magicians try to answer. When a magic trick is discovered in the middle of the show, it can ruin the whole show if the magician does not act accordingly. For your magic show is impeccable, you should also consider the clothes to wear, as well as to choose the most suitable magic tricks, and the ones you better know how to do.

Well, back to the original question, What to do when a trick is discovered? It is ideal that no one finds out how you do it, but when they find out, what to do? You will need to use your humor! See how.What to do when a trick is discovered some tips

What to do when a trick is discovered? Some tips! 

We know that errors and mistakes always happen, sooner or later they end up happening. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for it. Here are some tips that can help you overcome the situation.

  • Keep focus. It is normal in such a situation you lose concentration. The trend is getting disoriented, unable to think or have the ability to solve the situation. So it is important to focus on something. It can be a person, an object, anything that calls you back to what you were doing.
  • Just pretend it was intentional. What to do when a trick is discovered? Simple, now that you are focused, and calm, the best thing is to pretend it was on purpose. Often magic tricks are planned this, so spectators do not know if you have planned or not a failure in the magic trick.What to do when a trick is discovered tips
  • Improvise. The trick was discovered? Invent, reformulate and make so that it seems that is the real trick. Just change a gesture, use a tissue, or other object that helps the magic trick. The important thing is to do something different!
  • Use humor. To get out of this situation you need to have good mood. You don’t need to dramatize. The spectators know that the magic tricks are not magic, so it is natural that all humans end up revealing one or another trick. Make fun of yourself. It is important that you be able to deal with this situation to get out of it with advantages!

Therefore, it is important that you do not feel bad about the situation. Look at it lightly, as something natural happened. And in fact, it happens to all the magicians at least once in life. Some end their careers there, others give right back up and they still leave winning! Follow our tips and you’ll definitely know What to do when a trick is discovered! 

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