Mind reading mysteries

find mind reading mysteries

There are lots of mysterious things happening all over the world, but today we are going to focus on the mind reading mysteries. Some people can read the other’s minds, and it is just incredible. Read on and find everything about it. Also, have a look at our previous posts about what is magic and truths and myths about Merlin

Many people are able to guess what others are thinking, and without a doubt, this is one of the most mysterious things that exist. How can someone know exactly what I’m thinking?

That’s what we are going to find out in this post. Find all the mind reading mysteries!

Mind reading mysteries: Surprise everybody! 

Many people call the sixth sense, others speak of intuition. But the truth is that there are people who can guess what we have in thought. And to tell the truth, it scares me a lot!

The question is that we are not talking about pure hunches, which most often are wrong.

We are talking about someone who has the absolute certainty of what is happening in our mind, from a phrase, a number, or things even more complicated.mind reading mystery

Although some psychologists believe that our subconscious picks up our environment information and deduces, without us being aware of it, something can happen, there are people with this power so calculated that can guess the colour that you are thinking in a few seconds issue.

But the mind reading mysteries don’t end here. In fact, some psychologists say that reading minds is not so difficult. And we are going to tell you why.

Gurdjieff says that the observer is non-temporal and non-spatial, limited neither by space nor by time. Hence consciousness is everywhere and at all times.

But how we can read the other’s minds?

First, you must realize that we are not our thoughts, but these are part of us. You must also realize that the thoughts and consciousness are different things, although they influence each other and are intertwined to the point where they become almost inseparable.

Therefore, start having meditation habits, or others that focus on the importance of observing carefully and of the not-think, can be very useful to start this art of reading minds.find mind reading mysteries

The second step to learning the reading mind mysteries is learning to differentiate inner thoughts of external thoughts.

The inner thoughts are those whose origin are in our own mind. These are a result of our desires, fears, wills, joys, sorrows, and are stored in our subconscious.

External thoughts are those whose origins are the minds of other people, who come to us telepathically. The secret is to start noticing patterns that are repeated as thoughts arise. These standards will indicate on the most likely sources of thoughts.

A good exercise is proximity exercise. You need to think of the energy field that normally surrounds the people, which is mentioned by many mystical and esoteric.

If you train perception, will be able to understand this field at distances up to 15 or 20 meters. It is these fields that record several of our qualities, emotions and thoughts.

What do you think about the mind reading mysteries? Share with us our thoughts!

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