Magician tools: the magic wand


Today we are going to talk about Magician tools: the magic wand! The magic wand is one of the most important tools of a magician. Let’s know everything about this issue. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as what should I wear to my magic show? and taking care of your magic rabbit

A magic wand  is a stick usually straight, which is in the hand of magician and can be made of wood, ivory or metal. Currently, you can still find magic wands made of plastic because they are cheaper and lighter.

Magician tools: the magic wand is one of the most legendary of all objects, and it is used in several European mythologies.

Magician tools: the magic wand symbolism

In many circumstances, these sticks are used, such as in government ceremonies, ecclesiastical ceremonies, among others. Some special employees can use a stick or office bat representing their power.

We can compare the magic wand to sceptres. Since ancient Egypt they are used, they may see their representation in hieroglyphics, which are priests holding small canes.magician-tools-magic-wand

However, the use of these sticks may have a more ancient origin, and some anthropologists think that the paintings of Neanderthal men have portrayed their leaders with them, assuming that these represented their power.

Currently, the wand appeared linked to fantasy, appearing in several European fairy tales. It was related to many folklores of the European continent, as contained stories that involved gods and fairies, using magic wands.

Magician tools: the magic wand appear in stories as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, among many other children’s tales that rely on the presence of fairies and witches who use these tools to make use of their magical powers.

Magician tools: the magic wand DIY

And what about learning how to do your own magician tools: the magic wand? Are you ready? Let’s have a look! magician tools: the magic wand diy


Essential oil
20 gauge wire
Tree branch
A cloth scarf
Quartz crystal
Small sharp knife
Wood Sanding

  1. First, you have to find a good piece of wood. It is important to be a good piece so that it has good durability. If you can choose a branchlet who has fallen from the tree. We can not forget that nature is our best friend!magician-tool-the-magic-wand
  2. Remove the shell of the branch with a small, sharp knife.
  3. Once the shell has been completely removed, gently sand the wood with fine sandpaper. You can also use a sand nail too. Make sure all edges are sanded and smooth.
  4. Ride your wand with an essential oil of your choice.
  5. Allow it to dry for a full day. Take the copper wire or another, and wrap in quartz.
  6. Fold the wire in half around the center of the crystal and twist the two extremities around the stone.
  7. Continue to bend the wire by the crystal to the wood.

This is just a simple idea to create your own wand, but you can make it in your own way! Hope your magician tools: the magic wand become just beautiful!

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