Magic wands for kids

magic wand for kids

In this post, you will learn how to make Magic wands for kids. It is quite simple and fast. So there are no excuses not to offer a magic wand for your little one. Have a look at this post and find out how you can do it yourself. Also, have a look at our previous posts about colour changing tricks for kids parties and Magic tricks for beginners

Surely your son ever liked to play magic. The wand is one of the most important tools to make magic or not it was used by many pagans and witches to concentrate power in spells and rituals.

Although you can buy magic wands in stores, you’ll make your own wand, and can customise it to your liking. Read on and find how you can make your Magic wands for kids.

Magic wands for kids: DIY


Follow our step by step for Magic wands for kids and I am sure you will surprise your little ones. Enjoy! DIY magic wands for kids

Go hiking in a natural place.

Look for fallen sticks and branches on the ground, but with more than 30 cm. If you want to follow the ritual, let the branches call for you, and follow your intuition!

Working on wand

Once you have found a good branch or twig, it’s time to go home and get to work to turn it into a magic wand. First, remove the dried bark with a blade.

Then you have to carve the branch of the desired shape and style. Here comes your personal taste.magic wand for kids

If you like a more classic wand, then it must be conical, or if you like a more original wand you can leave the branch with their waves, variances, and even the stumps.

A tip: Use fire to change its appearance or to assist in sculpting.

Customize your wand.

You must leave the magic wand to your liking, or better, to the taste of your child. It is important that she feels that the wand is special. You can use feathers, stones, crystals, ribbons, symbols, images, among other things. Here the boss is imagination.


For the wand to stay with a better finish apply varnish.magic wands kids


Before definitely choosing the branch inspect it carefully. Look for fungi, insects, or any site that may be rotten.

I hope I have helped you with this post. So, go now for the woods and choose your perfect branch for magic wands for kids. 

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