Magic tricks for beginners

best Magic tricks for beginners!

Take a look at the best Magic tricks for beginners in this post! Doing magic tricks can be easier than you think. If you are now entering the world of magic, then this post is directed to you. See also our post about colour changing tricks for kids parties. They are very easy to do too, and all children love!

It is normal that beginners have doubts about which magic tricks present. It is quite normal that they want to know immediately how to make a person disappear, or cut her in half. But everything takes time!

And that’s why we are going to present you the best Magic tricks for beginners! 

Best Magic tricks for beginners! 


Let’s start with a few simple tricks, that we can easily learn. See these two Magic tricks for beginners! 

Making a liquid disappear

best Magic tricks for beginners!

This trick is pretty simple. It is to show the audience an empty glass, and then it is covered and a few moments later appears with a liquid inside.

You’ll only need two equal glasses, one completely empty and the other with the liquid that you want to appear in the end, a kitchen cloth and a table to perform the trick.

  1. Hold the glass with liquid between the legs under the table where you are doing the trick;
  2. Show the audience that the empty glass is really empty, wiping with the cloth so that they are sure;
  3. While you show the empty glass to the audience, hold one end of the cloth in the left hand (with the middle and index fingers) and with the same hand, grab the cup that contains the liquid, which will be covered with cloth, being invisible to the audience;
  4. Pass the empty glass to the place where it was before the glass with liquid, hiding this movement with kitchen towel, leaving the empty glass hold in the middle of the legs, leaving only the cloth to cover the glass with liquid in your right hand;
  5. Remove the cloth covering the glass with liquid to demonstrate that the glass before empty, now has liquid inside which appeared by magic!

Easy, is not it? Take a look at more Magic tricks for beginners! 


Making a coin go through the hand

best Magic trick for beginners!

You will only need a coin, should be initially small to facilitate the execution of the trick.

  1. First, hold the coin in the right hand with a closed fist and turned up;
  2. Then leave a small opening in the hand instead of fully close the fist, in order to pass the coin to the top hand;
  3. With the coin on the bottom hand, shake both hands, giving a boost upwards with the bottom hand, turning this also a little bit to the right in order to let the coin move the lower hand to the top one;
  4. Finish the trick showing the audience the coin which suddenly appeared in your top hand, apparently by magic.

Don’t you think these two magic tricks are just awesome and easy? Follow this blog and find many other Magic tricks for beginners! 

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