What should I wear to my magic show?

What should I wear on my magic show ideas

What should I wear to my magic show? Well, you have lots of options and beautiful options. However, you have some cloth pieces mandatory. Magic can be just great, but you need to do everything right, including wearing the right clothes. 

First of all, wear a costume to impact. It is important that the clothes you use impress the public. If you are reading this article then you should be a beginner in the world of magic.What should I wear to my magic show some ideas

So I must tell you that magic is, first of all, an embellishment in the public eye. That is, for your show be a success, you need the public to look at you with a twinkle in their eyes!

So, what should I wear to my magic show? Let’s see some ideas.

What should I wear to my magic show? Impress and Impact! 


The traditional clothing of a magician is a black jacket with a red vest underneath. The traditional dress also includes black pants to match the jacket.

The jacket should have many small pockets inside. It is here that you’re going to hide coins, balls, scarves, cards, or any other object that is part of your magic trick.

The vest must have large pockets on the inside. This is very important so you to be able to do magic tricks which make appearing and disappearing large objects such as dishes.What should I wear to my magic show ideas

Also, the trousers must have pockets, at least, one on each side. Look for ones that have deep pockets and are under the folded part of the pants.

Are you looking for something different? Well, this is the time you are asking yourself again “What should I wear to my magic show?“. But relax. It can be easier than you probably are thinking.

You can always start from the basic costume scheme and create a more modern clothing. But never forget that it has to be a fashionable apparel, more than the people who are attending to your show.

Use different colours in the vest, or even the suit. There are magicians who also use suits with shiny sequins, some with vibrant colours, others with basic colours (like black and white). It already depends on your personality as an artist.

But then, What should I wear to my magic show?

Well, you have to try to find a suit with which you feel comfortable. Obviously, there are not equal people, so there is no magic formula. You have to see yourself on apparel that you wear.

If you’re an extrovert, fun and daring person, you can choose a different suit, perhaps with strong colours like purple, or even pink. You can also choose a shiny fabric, or with sequins.What should I wear on my magic show ideas

However, always remember that comfort is crucial for the show goes fine. If you do not feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, hardly you will transmit a confident look to the public.

Typically, in cases where the magician does not feel comfortable with the clothes he wears, he is more attentive to his clothes than his magic trick and his audience.

Make sure your costume does not suffocate or itches, or you can ruin your whole show. Follow our tips and ideas and I am sure your magic show will be a huge success. What should I wear to my magic show? Well, follow your heart!

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