Famous magicians: David Copperfield

knowing Famous magicians: David Copperfield

Famous magicians: David Copperfield  (real name: David Seth Kotkin) is an American Illusionist, one of the bests of the world. He is known as the most commercially successful magician in history. Find everything in this post, but don’t forget to read our previous posts about truths and myths about Merlin and Magic tricks for beginners.

The greatest magician in the world! He was the first magician honoured with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

Famous magicians: David Copperfield dated Claudia Schiffer! He was knighted by the French government. He was named the magician of the century and the magician of the millennium, along Steven Spielberg, Colin Powell, Martin Scorsese, received the living legend award from the United States library congress.

His face graces six different countries stamps. He won over 21 Emmy awards. He holds 11 Guinness records. Do you want to know more about him? Take a look!

Knowing Famous magicians: David Copperfield


Famous magicians: David Copperfield was born on September 1956, in New Jersey. He was a shy kid that overcame his insecurity with magic, he turned in an accomplished conjured by the age of 12 when he was invited to join the society of American Magicians!  knowing Famous magicians: David Copperfield

At 16 he taught a class at university called “The art of magic “. At 18 was caught at a new musical comedy called “the magic man” created by the producers of “Crease”. It gave David Copperfield the experience of performing daily in front of a live audience with over 500 performing during a year.

On Television, David Copperfield developed his singular approach to magic, influenced by MGM musicals, Orson Welles and Walt Disney and the lyrical, Romanticism of Sinatra ballad.

As host of “The magic of ABC, Starring David Copperfield” he shared his magic with millions of viewers. “The magic of David Copperfield” on CBS he presented new illusions.

In his 4th TV Special he “Vanished a Famous magician: David CopperfieldJet Airplane”, in his 5th he presented “the illusion of the century, “The disappearance of the statue of Liberty”. He “walked through the great wall of China” he “escaped from Alcatraz” prison, he “vanished a 45 ton Orient Express Train car” and flew trough the air in “Flying”.

In 1996 he performed on Broadway, collaborated with Francis Ford Coppola, created “dreams and nightmares” that recorded for most tickets sold in a week.

Famous magicians: David Copperfield founded the international museum and Library of the conjuring arts. This museum houses significant magic memorabilia, books posters, artefacts, props… it comprises about 80.000 items of magic history.

There´s the book “David Copperfield´s tales of the impossible”, and the “David copper field’s beyond imagination”.

“Magic is as vast as the imagination…”   says Oprah Winfrey.   “It takes months or even years to develop an illusion,” says David Copperfield.

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