Easy tricks with ropes


Looking for Easy tricks with ropes? In this post we are going to tell you some great tricks with ropes that everybody can perform. If you want to have some more ideas to your magic show, have a look at our previous posts on colour changing tricks for kids parties and Magic tricks for beginners

There are numerous easy magic tricks, and some of them with ropes. We made a small selection of which are easier so that you can make them for your next children’s party!

2 Easy tricks with ropes

So, let’s check some 2 easy tricks with ropes that will leave every child delighted!


The only thing you need is a rope of about one meter. Put most of the rope in your left hand, leaving a 40 cm left, roughly, to handle with your right hand.

Ask the person to put their hands on the rope, and pass the right hand of the rope to the left hand, passing it between your index and middle fingers (let remain about 20 cm of rope).

Pass your right hand through the rope and the hands of the guest, and pull the last bit of rope.easy tricks with ropes step by step

Note that the two fingers have to be secure. Start dropping your hands, making a loop.

The person will not even notice that you have that little bow that you made with the two fingers.

Pull the other end of the rope to the public to see that you are really making a knot.

With the rope that is now on your right hand, pass over the hand of the person, starting with the left, turn around and take the last knot.

For the public be convinced, hold the bow that left (one of the two fingers), pretending that is giving support to the person’s hand, and pull the last knot made hardly.

Now just drop your left hand lightly and pull the knot with your right hand. Magic! The handcuffs came off!

Is not it just too easy? Check our easy tricks with ropes!easy-trick-with-ropes


This is one of the easy tricks with ropes that I like the most. Here’s how you can perform it!

Choose a bottle that has a long mouth, in a triangular shape, and paint it. It can be red, for example.

Make a ball with aluminum foil and place it into the bottle. Note that the ball has to be larger than the hole of the bottle, but not too much, so that later, with the string, you can put the bottle suspended on the rope.

When you put the ball in the bottle (without the rope), you can turn as many times as necessary, it will not go out for the world to see that has nothing inside the bottle.

But when you put the rope in the bottle and turn it upside down, will create a friction between the ball and the rope making, when picking up the rope, the bottle stays hold.

To release the rope, just push the ball down, and the rope release itself.

Hope you enjoyed our easy tricks with ropes!

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