Colour changing tricks for kids parties

Colour changing tricks kids parties

Are you looking for Colour changing tricks for kids parties? Magic tricks are always a great choice to make your party truly fun. However, you have more options to make it even greater, such as face painting. To this last make sure you have skin friendly face painting supplies. To the magic tricks, you can buy the materials in every supermarket. Take a look. 

There are lots of magic tricks that you can perform in your kids parties, but this time, we are going to tell you Colour changing tricks for kids parties. best Colour changing tricks for kids parties

Using just simple ingredients that you can purchase in the supermarket, you can make a purple liquid become green, blue, pink or yellow. Isn’t it amazing?

The secret is doing the purple cabbage tea and mix it with acid or base substances. The Science helps magic, in fact, it works for magic! Let’s take a look at how you can do Colour changing tricks for kids parties.

Best Colour changing tricks for kids parties

Well, now we are going to change the colour of the water.

What are you going to need?

  • A jar
  • Purple cabbage
  • 3 cups with water
  • Alcohol Vinegar
  • Caustic Soda
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

How does it work? In fact, this is one of the best Colour changing tricks for kids parties ever! water Colour changing tricks for kids parties

First, you need to cut the cabbage leaves and put them into a bowl with water. Take it to microwave for a couple minutes to heat.

Now, in the first water cup, you are going to put caustic soda. When you do this, use gloves and glasses because it can be dangerous, OK? Put just a little bit of it, maybe 1 coffee spoon. Remember that the cup you used caustic soda, as well as the spoon you use to mix it, are going to the trash. You can’t reuse them.

In the first cup, you are going to use sodium bicarbonate. Put a teaspoon of it and mix it. This you can reuse because sodium bicarbonate is used in many things, including to cook.

In the third cup, you are going to use alcohol vinegar. Fill half cup with this one. You must use alcohol vinegar because it is transparent. The other ones have some colour. Colour changing tricks kids parties

Now it’s time for Colour changing tricks for kids parties! 

Fill the jar with the water of the purple cabbage. And now the only thing you need to do is filling the cups with this purple water.

The magic begins!

As cabbage is an acid indicator, when you mix it with the vinegar, it changes the colour becoming redder.

When you mix it with a neutral substance, it becomes greener, just like it happens when you mix purple water with sodium bicarbonate.

And when you mix it with a substance very basic it becomes yellower, just like it happens with caustic soda.

Then you can mix the water in the cups and play with the acid-basic levels. The kids will love this magic tricks! Do you have any other Colour changing tricks for kids parties? 

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