Choosing good magic words


Choosing good magic words is the secret of making a huge success, or simply be forgiven in a matter of days. In fact, it is everything about advertising. If you want to make your show perfect, try some face painters. They can help you handle with kids. Do not forget to take a look at our previous posts too, such as magician tools: the magic wand and what to do when a trick is discovered

Are you a magician? Or are you beginning in this new world? In both cases, you should choose magic words that stay in the ear of your viewers.

As you know, to succeed in the world choosing good magic words magiciansof magic, appearance and accessories are crucial, because they serve to distract the public while you are doing your magic trick, so that they do not know how you managed to do.

The magic words are used to that. While you say the magic word, the audience ends up holding the attention on the word, and not so much in the gestures you’re doing, which is a great time for you to continue with the trick.

And that’s why choosing good magic words is crucial. But how can you choose a great magic word? We have some tips for you! Check!

Choosing good magic words: Follow some tips

The magic words have the particularity are sound so that the public to decorate, making it almost a brand image, because whenever they hear that word will remember you, but they are crucial for good performance a magician.

The magic word chosen should be short but impacting so that the public concentrate it. Remember that as you say the word must do several things, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or a card from inside your jacket.

For this reason choosing good magic words can mean the success of a magic trick, or their failure.choose-good-magic-words

No doubt the magic words are a key piece to a magician, and this leads to many of them fail miserably in their career, and even is not for not being good professionals, but because they did not know how to choose the magic word.

Choosing good magic words can not be an easy task, because it is not, but becomes paramount when we look at our career. So we must lose a little of our time with it.

There is no magic formula about the magic words. The best thing we do is try. Get together a group of friends, prepare a number of magic tricks, and go experimenting with different magic words that you chose at each trick done.

If your magic word is one of you say, surely you will find the reaction of your viewers.

Now you know how important it is to get the perfect magic word, do not waste more time, and let’s try some! You already know: short but strong enough! Hope you have enjoyed our post about choosing good magic words. Good luck and have a lot of fun!

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