Truths and myths about Merlin

Hello there! Today we are going to talk about the Truths and myths about Merlin! Merlin is one of the characters most enigmatic ever, and there are lots of stories about him. Check here everything about him! Also, check our previous articles about what should I wear to my magic show and what to do when a trick is discoveredContinue reading “Truths and myths about Merlin”

Prestidigitation lessons for kids

Prestidigitation lessons for kids can be very fun! The illusionism can be very interesting, and the kids end up developing several skills learning legerdemain. Learn the advantages of these classes for children in this article. See also our previous articles where we talk about magic tricks for beginners and colour changing tricks for kids parties. Also, check this article about choosing a theme for kids party. Magic can be a great one!  Continue reading “Prestidigitation lessons for kids”

What to do when a trick is discovered

What to do when a trick is discovered? It’s a question that all magicians try to answer. When a magic trick is discovered in the middle of the show, it can ruin the whole show if the magician does not act accordingly. For your magic show is impeccable, you should also consider the clothes to wear, as well as to choose the most suitable magic tricks, and the ones you better know how to do. Continue reading “What to do when a trick is discovered”