The 5 Most Famous Magicians

the 5 most famous magicians ever

Hello there dear reader, are you curious about The 5 Most Famous Magicians? Well search no more! In this article we will be talking about them, exploring a little of their lives and their best magic tricks. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as famous magicians: David Copperfield or magician tools: the magic wand.

The 5 Most famous Magicians – The best ones!

There are 5 magicians I love the most. In fact, these are the best ones, and that’s why I adore them so much. Are you curious to know who are the most famous magicians? Let’s see and do not waste any more time.

the 5 most famous magicians ever

Harry Houdini

Everyone has heard of him, of course, being probably the most famous name in the magic world.

Harry Houdini was born in Budapest but moved in his early years to the United States of America.

He was mostly famous for his “escapology” and challenged once any jail in different towns he visited to get arrested in order to escape.

And so he did. He was so good that he was even believed to “dematerialize”.

The Great Lafayette

The second of The 5 Most Famous Magicians is Sigmund Neuberger (the Great Lafayette).

He was a very good magician famous for his illusive tricks, acclaimed to be the best paid entertainer in the business.

His death is a real unique event: when performing in the Empire Palace, performing a trick where he switched places with a live lion on a cage, a lamp fell and the stage caught fire.

The audience believed to be part of the act and the orchestra kept playing.

David Blaine

The third of The 5 Most Famous Magicians we have for you is David Blaine.

He graduated from illusions and card tricks and was known for public imprisonments, leaving American crowds amazed.

Some of his famous tricks include levitating on the pavement, being entombed for three days inside six tons of ice, being suspended in a glass box for forty-four days.

5 most famous magicians

Jerry Sadowitz

Known for his profane language used in magic tricks, Jerry Sadowitz has a close-up magic show, where his dark humor distracts the laughing public.

But his technique led once an observer to punch him and leave him unconscious. He is the fourth of The 5 Most Famous Magicians.

Because of the use of his words, television networks do not hire him for programs. He is also a critic of modern day acclaimed magicians for taking the fun out of magic.


The fifth of our list is Steven Frayne, well known for amazing magic tricks on the streets delivered in a slow manner and with low-key to young people.

Tricks like pulling jewellery out of his stomach he previously swallowed, or making diamonds out of snow are some of his aces. He has even a documentary entitled: Magician Impossible.

Hope you have enjoyed and this has sparked your interest for magic, illusions, magicians and illusionist. Thank you for reading our list of The 5 Most Famous Magicians and let us know if you have any other magician to include in this list.

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