History of Magic: Penn and Teller

Hi! Let’s talk about the History of Magic: Penn and Teller! They are a pair of illusionists and American comedians who fell in love all hearts. Find a little more about Penn and Teller’s history in this post. Also, read our posts about Famous magicians: David Copperfield and What is magic? You will love them too!  Continue reading “History of Magic: Penn and Teller”

Taking care of your Magic Rabbit

Taking care of your magic rabbit is not so difficult! You can learn how to take care of it in this post. I am going to tell you everything you need to know so your magic rabbit is happy and healthy! Also, read our previous posts about taking care of your magical pigeons and doves and Magic tricks for beginners. I suggest you take a look at a great birthday party magician! You won’t regret!

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