Magic tricks with flowers

Everyone likes flowers, right? Well, we all love magic tricks with flowers! Even though it is a famous act of magicians, it is a very good skill for you to learn if you want to live up a party or make a surprise to your loved one.  Before we continue talking about it, let me remember you that we have some posts might interest you, such as the 5 most famous magicians and magic shops in London. Continue reading “Magic tricks with flowers”

The 5 Most Famous Magicians

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Choosing good magic words

Choosing good magic words is the secret of making a huge success, or simply be forgiven in a matter of days. In fact, it is everything about advertising. If you want to make your show perfect, try some face painters. They can help you handle with kids. Do not forget to take a look at our previous posts too, such as magician tools: the magic wand and what to do when a trick is discovered Continue reading “Choosing good magic words”

Escapism training secrets

Check the best Escapism training secrets and become a great escapist in the today’s days. I am sure you can be a great magician! I suggest you have a look at these ball pools for kids and toddlers and also to these posts about mind reading mysteries and what to do when a trick is discovered. They can be very useful for you too.  Continue reading “Escapism training secrets”

Magic wands for kids

In this post, you will learn how to make Magic wands for kids. It is quite simple and fast. So there are no excuses not to offer a magic wand for your little one. Have a look at this post and find out how you can do it yourself. Also, have a look at our previous posts about colour changing tricks for kids parties and Magic tricks for beginnersContinue reading “Magic wands for kids”